A short piece about the hyper, happy side!

Being hyper is sometimes just as hard to handle as when I am in a low and I imagine just as frustrating and annoying for people. I’ve been referred to as tigger when I am extra happy, I will literally bounce around. I move at a faster pace and it’s like my feet don’t even touch the floor. I can’t control myself and it makes me want to flap my hands even more and I feel like I’m all twitchy just in a good way. Speaking also begins coming extremely fast and I cannot stop the words flowing, cannot let anyone get a word in edge ways. This is especially the case if it’s related to something I am obsessed with. My brain buzzes, but in a good way. Adrenaline rushing through me making it hard to focus and yet also the only thing I can focus on too, which I know makes no sense but it’s the only way I can explain it. I can literally feel everything rushing through me. It can be difficult to calm me down during these moments. Once I’m up it’s hard to bring me down again but beware of the crash that will sometimes follow. It’s like a sugar rush I suppose is the best way to define it. Highs can last a few minutes or even a few hours depending on the situation. In the past events that have been like this are when I met atomic kitten for the first time. I couldn’t keep still, legs jittering, hands flapping gently, hyper aware of everything around me every sensation strumming through my body. Other times that have led to this were seeing wicked the musical, going to friends fest, seeing Jess Glynn, watching new episodes of my favourite shows or the next film in a series I enjoy. Even thinking about it all is making me buzz a little inside.

When I am interested or a little too hyper about something then I can take things too far, it’s hard for me to draw back from it and not over do it by either what I am saying or how I am acting or responding to the situation. Similar occurs when someone even shows the tinniest bit of interest into something I like. For example if someone says that they have watched castle, or likes it, even knows what I am talking about then it can start me on a verbal onslaught about it. Discussing my favourite episodes, overloading on information about the characters I like, talking about spoilers etc. All this to a poor person whom only mentioned one tiny thing to do with my obsession! I would apologise but I cannot help it and honestly it allows me to let out all I’m feeling about my favourite things. I do apologise to those closest to me who have had to suffer my conversations even though they haven’t a clue or care about the things I’m obsessed with. You all listen well and let me vent about whatever tv show I’m currently immersed in. (Not that I really give you much choice!)

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