Attending spice girls concert…

So yesterday I attended the spice girls reunion tour at Wembley stadium. This was both the most amazing experience and worst experiences of my life, let me explain…

Travelling up to London wasn’t too bad. The trains weren’t too busy and I have visited Wembley arena before so I had a rough idea of where I was going. The horrible sound the train makes on the underground was the main issue and I wished for my ear defenders but my hands over my ears did a good enough job to keep me calm. When I got there the problems began, there was people everywhere. It was so busy and for some reason I hadn’t thought about this or realised this would be the case, I was too hyped up about seeing both Jess Glynn and the spice girls for the thought of they magnitude of where they were performing to set in.

We had decided that when we got there we would look into getting dinner somewhere near by. It soon became apparent that this would not be an easy fete. There were such long lines of people everywhere. Each restaurant we walked past had huge lines of people. Thankfully we came across a costa that although busy wasn’t scarily so and so decided to eat in here.

After eating we made our way to the stadium, finding our seats was thankfully easy and fuss free. I was so excited, although we were high up I could see pretty well. The people behind us turned up and were rather intoxicated and kept spilling beer down the back of our chairs and it was running down the floor below my feet. It was just annoying more than anything and kept me on edge.

The concert itself was absolutely amazing! Jess Glynn was fantastic and the spice girls put on an absolutely amazing show! It took me back to when I was younger, they were just the same as what I remembered when I was younger. Yes it was noisy and bright lights and lots of people everywhere but the whole experience was so amazing that it helped control everything else. The only issue I had was the girl next to me who had really long hair and she had it down. She kept swishing it around and the feel of it brushing on my arm was seriously ruining the experience. It was making my skin crawl. It was physically hurting me every time it brushed my arm. I tried really hard to ignore it for as long as I could but it was really hard to concentrate on the show when I was anticipating when the next brush against me was going to be. Eventually I decided I couldn’t take it and put my jumper on before I did something drastic like yanked on her hair or shout at her. The jumper helped as I couldn’t feel it against my skin anymore and allowed me to enjoy the rest of the concert much easier.

The main trouble began when we were leaving the stadium. The crowds were absolutely unreal. We were literally moving slowly like a herd of animals pushed together. Eventually we made it to the station and onto the underground but this was the worst part of all. Everyone was so squashed in. I was boiling hot because I had my jumper on but feared taking it off as people around me would then be brushing against me. I was squashed against my best friend, thankfully she was there with me and I focussed on her. I can be close to her so if I focussed on this rather than the other sensations I could get myself through this experience. She allowed me to hold myself together. It wasn’t easy and I was really holding back the anxiety and meltdown I could feel pulsing inside me. It doesn’t help that I’m rather short for an adult so I already naturally am below everyone else and feel caged in when surrounded by others let alone when I physically couldn’t move or breath easily. The tube journey felt like the longest of my life and I had no way of distracting myself, I couldn’t get my phone out or read as I had to hold on so tight. I read the same poster on the train so many times I think I could recite it as it was the only thing in my eye line at the time. Eventually the experience ended and I was able to re group, feel like I could breath and bring myself back to feeling in control.

This was defiantly something that I know most people on the spectrum would have hugely struggled with and many unable to cope with at all. Even my best friend said she found it difficult being in a situation like this with as many people. I commented to her that it genuinely felt like the whole world was all in one small space. Thousands of people aren’t quite the whole world but it certainly felt like it at the time. Throughout all of this, I am proud of myself for achieving this though. I honestly wasn’t sure at times I could do it but I did. I proved I can even if it isn’t an experience I want to encounter often. Just knowing I made it through makes me feel good about myself.

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