You are perfect to me…

This weeks post comes based from Pinks concert that I went to this weekend. Let’s begin with addressing just how amazing it was and what a good show she puts on! Wow how that women can sing and spin around trappezing through the sky is absolutely astounding! The concert, well, it was more than that. She reminded me and reinforced within me just how much we should respect, accept and love ourselves. She played videos talking about empowerment and how we shouldn’t be afraid or knocked back for being who we are.

This post is a shout out to everyone who is on the autistic spectrum, every parent, carer, lover or friend of someone whom is autistic. “Pretty pretty please don’t you ever feel like your less than perfect, if you ever ever feel like like your like nothing you are perfect to me!” (From Pink song perfect)

You are all amazing to me, everyday is a constant struggle, a battle at times but keep pushing forward. Keep fighting for acceptance, for understanding. It is worth it. Every time someone has understood even the smallest part of who I am. Every time someone has liked my blog post, encouraged me to do more, used my autism as a positive, proud moment has changed me. It has empowered me. Made me want to fight for more. For everything. For everyone. I wish I could do more. I am an amazing person and you all are too. Autism is complicated but it is not to be feared. It is to be cherished, to be nourished, supported and you will see the wonderful, life changing person underneath the struggles.

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